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I'm fast closing in on my allotted three score and ten, and these pictures brings back memories. This is not some esoteric third world practice;
I remember getting "colored peeps" as some sort of Easter thing. I don't know the details as to how they were (or are) colored, so there could be cruelty involved, but at the consumer end, it didn't bother the chicks at all. They grew up to become fryers in a couple of months (they were invariably male; nobody would peddle valuable hens to kids). Of course, us kids had no idea that Sunday dinner was the "peep" that we had played with that had lost it's colored feathers and then just sort of went away a week or two before. When I was about 7 I asked if dinner was "Charlie". That was the last year we got "peeps".

Gourdo's Stores

I'd rather choose the DOra toy rather that consent these people from selling a living creature they've violated at their advantage.


Nice photo documentary, once again : )


A fully documented series Sidney with some very nice shots.


How very sad. Those poor chicks.

Hope you have a great start to your week!

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Wow I really like Chicks! Especially the colored ones LOL!


Et le respect de la nature la dedans...?


They really consider these poor animals as toys.


i keep looking at the top photograph. the woman's expression makes it very poignant. her life doesn't look easy.


yikes! someone needs chick holding lessons.


Interesting street photography and street markets!


la cruauté insouciante de l'enfance. Savent ils que leur vie n'a pas plus de valeur?


Amazing place, very different than here in the U.S.
Good shots.



John Maslowski

Like the colors and the smiles on the childrens faces. They use to sell chicks like this years ago here where I live, but have since stopped. Great photos.


Tu m'en fais livrer 2 noirs et 2 blancs

Otto K.

the kids seem happy to get them now...I wonder how long that lasts.

Chantal alias tootsie

pauvres petits poussins ...ils sont si jolis en jaune naturel


Sold as toys… Unbelievable !

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